Extra advantages of the PMB filter glasses:

  • a contrast enhancement effect by filtering the harmful (blue) light
  • a photochromatic function so that they are always passing the same amount of light rays. Outside they will be darkened as the sun shines, inside they are bright to be able to let more light through. This gives in all conditions the same luminous transmittance, which arrange a very smoothly comfort to the wearer.
  • improve clarity with an always included multi-AR coating/clean coat.

The photochromatic PMB filterglasses are only reimbursed in the following cases:

  • retinitis pigmentosa
  • albinism
  • aniridia
  • achromatopsia
  • tapetoretinal degenerations
  • Birdshot-chorioretinopatie
  • diabetic retinopathy with severe photophobia
  • optic nerve atrophy

This for submission to the medical officer and certified by a physician, specialist in ophthalmology.